Tenant Costs

We have assisted many thousands of tenants since 1993. We have always strived to deliver service levels way above what can be encountered in the private rented sector. Our commitment continues today as we constantly evolve our systems and practices to enable us to keep providing high levels of service to our tenants. The following information is very important if you are considering letting a property and helps us assist you in your search for an ideal property.


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This document is intended as a summary of our standard fees and charges.

Tenancy Application Fee

After a tenant has viewed a property and wishes to proceed with it, a tenancy application fee will need to be paid.  This covers the costs of referencing, credit checks, preparation of the Tenancy Agreements and all negotiations on your behalf.  (Any tenant who is over the age of 18 living at the property must pay) 


1st applicant (over 18)

£240 (including VAT)

2nd and subsequent applicants (over 18)

£60 (including VAT) each

If for any reason a tenant fails the referencing process and the Landlord does not wish to proceed the application fee is non-refundable. 

Should a Landlord decide to withdraw from a proposed tenancy agreement for any other reason prior to the moving-in date we will reimburse the tenancy application fee.

Payment upon signing of the Tenancy Agreement

Prior to the moving-in day the tenants' will need to pay the first month’s rent, security deposit and check out fee (if the property is managed). The payment must be transferred into our account at least 24 hours before signing the Tenancy Agreement. 

First month’s rent

(same as monthly rent agreed)

Security deposit

(same as monthly rent plus £150)

The security deposit is returnable to the tenant upon the terms of the Tenancy Agreement being met, subject to the Landlords consent. 


Check Out Fee

We use an independent inventory company to monitor the condition of our properties. The landlord is responsible for the costs of the inventory and the check in of the tenant.  The tenant is responsible for the check-out fee.  Some Landlords also use this service even if we are not managing the property.


Studio/1 bedroom

Check-out Fee


2 bedrooms


3 bedrooms


4 bedrooms


5 bedrooms plus


 All prices shown are inclusive of VAT

Tenants Insurance

Building insurance is the responsibility of the Landlord, but we always recommend that tenants insure their own possessions. We can supply very competitive rates from our own insurers who specialise in Tenants Insurance products, so please give us a call.


The rent payable is exclusive of any other charge for living at the property. All other utility payments such as council tax, gas, electricity, water, telephone etc. are the responsibility of the tenant. Arrangements should be made to have the utilities connected in the tenants name immediately upon moving in, if not before.

Other Useful Information


Payable monthly in advance by standing order and thereafter on the same date each month as the moving-in day. If more than one person is living at the property, the 1st applicant named on the initial Tenancy application will be responsible for collecting the rent from any other person at the property. The responsibility for paying the rent in full is joint and several.


There is no legal requirement for a Landlord to accept a Guarantor, each case is decided on individually. If a Guarantor is acceptable the same charges, references and credit checks will be carried out before a decision is made.

Tenancy Agreement

Also known as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy will be for a fixed term, usually 6 or 12 months. There is no automatic right of renewal; each Tenancy can be extended if all parties agree. It is a legally binding document which sets out the terms of the tenancy which may include additional clauses incorporated by the Landlord. As this is a comprehensive document we would recommend that sufficient time be allowed to inspect the agreement before signing.


Monies will be held by us unless the landlord is a member of a government approved deposit scheme. The amount held cannot be returned until the landlord has given consent to release it which will always be after the Check Out has taken place. We are members of The Deposit Scheme who can be used to arbitrate should a dispute arise between a landlord and tenant. No interest is payable on the deposit.

Special Conditions

If any agreement has been made allowing pets, smoking, young children etc., this will be recorded in the Tenancy Agreement; if it is not recorded it is not allowed. A separate written agreement must be obtained for keeping a pet and a larger deposit may be requested.

Deposit monies – we are members of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)

Client Money Protection (CMP) provided by ARLA

Independent Redress provided by the Property Ombudsman (TPO)

We hope that the information provided has been useful, but should further clarification be required please do not hesitate to contact us directly.