Deposit Protection

Livermores abide by the rules set out by legislation that protects a tenant's deposit.


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  • From April 6th 2007,  all deposits for new Assured Shorthold Tenancies must be protected by an approved scheme
  • Livermores is a member of the TDS – an approved scheme
  • Tenants must be told how their deposit is protected and given a certificate

End of Tenancy

  • We have a documented process for deposit dispersal
  • Deposit is dispersed as agreed between Landlord and Tenant


Dispute Resolution

If Landlord and Tenant do not agree:

  • Livermores pay deposit over to the TDS
  • Deposit distributed by the TDS
  • Either landlord or tenant can refer the dispute to the TDS
  • TDS come to an independent conclusion based on the facts presented