Landlord Costs

This page is intended as a summary of our standard fees and charges.


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Deposit Registration Fee (Annual)

We register Landlords' and Tenants' details and protect the security deposit within the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). We also provide the tenants' with the Deposit Certificate and prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy.

Managed Property

£42 (£35 plus VAT)

Non-managed Property

£60 (£50 plus VAT)

Inventory and Check-in Fees

We arrange Inventory's and Schedules of Conditions of the property and also check-ins with tenants.

Property Type                            Inventory Fee                           Check-in Fee

Studio/ 1 bedroom

£114 (£95 plus VAT)

£66 (£55 plus VAT)

2 bedrooms

£126 (£105 plus VAT)

£72 (£60 plus VAT)

3 bedrooms

£144 (£120 plus VAT)

£78 (£65 plus VAT)

4 bedrooms

£186 (£140 plus VAT)

£84 (£70 plus VAT)

5 bedrooms plus

£192 (£160 plus VAT)

£90 (£75 plus VAT)

 Contract Renewal Fees

  • Review rent in accordance with current prevailing market conditions
  • Negotiate with tenant renewal terms
  • Tenant to make payment changes as appropriate
  • Prepare new Tenancy Agreements

Managed Property

£90    (£75 plus VAT)

Non managed Property

£108  (£90 plus VAT)


Types of Services Offered

Tenant Introduction Only Service includes: -

  • Initial inspection and marketing appraisal
  • Presentation recommendations
  • Contact our existing database of prospective pre-qualified tenant's
  • Advertise the property through local media and the Internet for other tenant's
  • Arrange viewings and accompany if required
  • Submission and reporting of references
  • Arrange inventory if required
  • Instruct contractors for all relevant safety checks
  • Receipt of cleared completion monies together with security deposit
  • Organise service of notices to regain possession


3 weeks rent plus VAT.

Calculated as follows:

For example if the monthly rent is £1,000 per calendar month our fee will equate to

£1,000 x 12 divided by 52 x 3 = £692.30 plus Vat = £830.76

Full Management Service includes (in addition to the services above)

  • Collect the rent and forward to your bank account by Bacs paymen
  • Issue monthly statements
  • Inspect the property every 3 months and send a condition report
  • Deal with any maintenance issues and repairs
  • Provide 24 hour emergency call-out assistance
  • Assess dilapidations at the end of tenancy
  • Liaise with any insurance claims
  • Inform all relevant utility companies of change of occupier
  • Estimate for major improvements required by the landlord when vacant
  • Re-negotiate lease renewal and extensions
  • Client Money Protection (CMP) provided by ARLA
  • Independent redress provide by The Property Ombudsman (TPO)


2 weeks rent (to find tenant) plus 12% per month (management fee) plus VAT.

Calculated as follows:

For example if the monthly rent is £1,000 per calendar month our fee will equate to

£1,000 x 12 divided by 52 x 2 = £461.53 plus VAT = £553.84

£1,000 x 12% = £120

Should you have questions or require any clarification regarding the costs, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Some costs may vary depending on the location, demand and size of the property which can be individually discussed.