Pet Let

It is true to say that the issue of pets causes many concerns with landlords and tenants. With over 12 million pet owners in the UK, the chances of a prospective tenant having pets are very high.

We always advise landlords to be open minded with regards to allowing tenants with pets, however, an unintended consequence of the recent rule change with regards to the deposit amount has made it very difficult for some landlords to consider pets who would have otherwise have done so previously.

Our advice to tenants who have pets is to contact the agent before making an appointment to view to enquire if the landlord would consider pets. It would help a tenant if the landlord knows beforehand what type of pet and how many there are so that an informed decision can be made.

If you are an investor thinking of buying a property for letting it’s worth checking out any possible restrictive covenants in your lease or title deeds, as well as your mortgage terms.