January 2021 Market Comment

We were as surprised as everyone else that the government decided that the property market was to remain open during this current lockdown period but with conditions attached to ensure the well-being of all concerned.

During this period we have noticed that there remains a desire from both buyers and sellers to carry on as before although the volumes are down from previous months.

You might expect that tougher Covid-related restrictions and our formal departure from Europe at the end of last month would have seriously damaged the property market, yet this is not the case.

Certainly, the government SDLT (Stamp Duty) concession, which can save buyers up to £15,000, has played its part in increasing transaction volumes over the last six month and activity in January shows that buyers are still keen to take advantage of this.

Despite the current situation the fundamentals of the economy remain very sound and it is this, more than any other factor that supports the property market. The Stamp duty Concession was helpful, but it would not have prompted people to move unless they actually had a strong desire to do so based on market confidence and their personal lifestyle preferences. 

There are mixed messages coming from most industry pundits about the immediate future of the property market, but based on our experience the demand remains strong for the right type of property. So if you are planning to sell, you can do so knowing the market is alive and well. So for up-to-the minute property selling advice or opinion, please feel free to call us for some straight-talking good advice from the experts to help get you moving – and if we do visit your property we must not forget  to observe and follow the safety guidelines to keep us all safe and well.

We look forward to being of assistance.